Monday, July 19, 2010

the most awesomest dream I've ever had to date.

I'm sitting in my living room looking outside and i see rain coming towards the area, in 3-4 seconds the place floods till the basement..

Everyone's all calm and collected inside and outside, while the biggest thunderstormworklighting show i've ever seen is happening right outside my window,

Then.. it dries up after a few minutes, fairly quickly.. it's already sunny outside and i see people going outside..

So as i would have done in the real world, or whatever this one is, i went to my room, grabbed my camera, and headed backyard to see the sun shining and the rain clouds in a distance thundering over some other neighborhood.. several thunderclouds..

And there's this huge cloud in my next door neighbhors backyard.
just his backyard, not on top of his house.. a really white, soft looking cloud in his backyard, pretty big, but not as tall as the house..

Then i turn on the camera, and before i look through the lens i see a silhouette of mountains in the distance.. and it turns out to be some pretty epic mountains..

I follow the trail of mountains from the left side of my backyard to the right side when i see some activity there, on the mounatins..

I zoom in my camera to see Buddhist monk waking up to the sun and playing, mainly 10 year old monks running around an old wise looking monk looking over them smiling..

And the setting of all this. the most beautiful place i've ever seen.

i think to myself in the dream that i can't remember seeing any mountains near my house before and thinking about riding my bicycle upto meet up with the Buddhist monks.

And then i have no recollection of what happened, didn't wake up as soon as the dream was over, just.. eventually..

All in all.. best effin' dream i've ever been part of


If i had to take stab at what might have caused all this is probably the heavy thunderstorm and rain we've been having for a few days.. and watching a documentary on China where they talked about Buddhist monks and religion in one chapter, or the after affects of seeing Inception.

Whatever it may have been, it was amazing.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


fav of the month, in the clouds


2AM in the morning

only took a few this month, didn't feel like capturing?